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Tylor Kranyak
Wills and Estates
Tylor Kranyak

Tylor is meticulous and detail oriented in everything he does. As our Document Manager he is in charge of drafting Wills and Powers of Attorney for all estate planning matters, coding forms for the on-going office-wide document automation project, assisting with real estate openings and closings during times of high volume, fixing any technical issues that may crop up on our computers from time to time, and monitoring and maintaining all office supplies, equipment and general day-to-day office maintenance. He prefers to receive all correspondence through email as written instructions allow him to ensure maximum accuracy on all client matters.

Tylor graduated from Humber College's 3-year Multimedia 3D Animation program where he obtained the majority of his technical knowledge with computers. He had originally started his college program in hopes of finding work in the video game industry. However, a shift of interest during his final year of college turned him toward his true passion in writing. About a year after graduating college he published his first fantasy novel, Legacy of Krazatan - Book I: A Hero's Birth, which features a hybrid setting of medieval/renaissance style society in a world that resembles pre-historic Earth where the most prominent wildlife consists of large dinosaur-like creatures. He is currently hard at work writing the second and third installments of his new series, as well as some short stories and side projects featuring characters and places from his main book series.

Tylor's experience with both technology and writing has given him the knowledge and skill required to handle all of our firms estate drafting matters and document coding with efficiency and accuracy.
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